Day 31 - Sex Positions You Never Thought Possible

There are some things that are off limits, meaning I’m not allowed to talk about them in my blogs. D.Love wants to keep some of his sex life a mystery. So you will just have to be in the mystery when it comes to part of this. Let’s just say that D.Love gets super, super aroused by his creative mysteries!

We started by taking a shower together. He gave cunnilingus to me and then flipped me over onto a stack of angled pillows (I think he’s been reading my other book, Sex Positions You Never Thought Possible).

OMG! The intercourse felt AMAZING! I was so happy that he was playing with angling my pelvis. We had intercourse for a little while, then he went down on me for awhile. Then we went back into intercourse. Then I gave him some genital massage to conclude the session.

It was a lovely extended session, which we don’t always get the luxury of having. We were so happy to have had the time together and to feel high states of pleasure and orgasm.

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