Day 29 - I Wanted Penetration Really Bad!

It was a rough night getting our son to go down to sleep. D.Love finally got him settled and sleeping. He crawled into bed and exclaimed that he wanted to give me some oral love. I was very happy to hear this, all the giving has had me really turned on and I’m finding D.Love super sexy these days. Perhaps it’s all the oral connecting we are doing. Perhaps it’s the 5 pounds he’s lost over the challenge. Maybe all this oral causes weight loss too!

At any rate, the room felt cold again, so I got all cozy under the covers and D.Love crawled in. The oral felt especially good tonight as I was really into it. I must be ovulating! I wanted penetration really bad. I wanted intercourse. So I made a request for it, and D.Love obliged. It was awesome...really awesome! We both had an amazing time sharing this connection and it felt highly pleasurable. What a great way to fall asleep at night.

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