Welcome to the 90 Day Oral Challenge!

As a Sexual Educator, I am very committed to always "walking my talk". Therefore, in honor of my newest book release, Blow Each Other Away, I decided to enroll my partner, D.love, into a 90 Day Oral Sex Project! (See video below where I share more about WHY I did this, and HOW I enrolled D.Love to participate.)

What an AMAZING experience it was for my partner and I to give and/or receive oral sex for 90 consecutive days! (Well, we did take a few days off in there). It has had such an incredible impact on our connection and commitment to one another!

Throughout our 90 Day Challenge, I wrote a brief synopsis of our activities for that day. I hope that these give you lots of inspiration for things that you would like to try with your lover.

I admit I feel a little bit vulnerable putting it all out there for you, but I do believe in "teaching from the table", which means that I teach from my own personal, embodied experiences. My 101 Days of Pleasure Project didn't feel this vulnerable. I am witnessing the differences in that my shame about oral sex ran much deeper than my shame about solo pleasure.

I invite you to browse through some of my journal entries about our experience. D.Love and I encourage you to share your own stories, challenges and questions.

AND....In August, we will be choosing one person to WIN A FREE PHONE/SKYPE SESSION WITH ME! We will also randomly choose 5 other people to win a choice of one free book or DVD from my store.

Now...for you....I challenge you to at least 7 Days of Oral Sex with your lover. (You may get my new book, Blow Each Other Away, for ideas and inspiration) And if you don't have a lover, do 7 Days of Solo-Pleasure. (I once did 101 Days and discovered all kinds of amazing things about myself!) I also highly recommend you try my personal favorite, and organic, lube...Aloe Cadabra. We LOVE the PiƱa Colada flavor!

So, again....we invite you to share with us what you did*, what you experienced, what some of your challenges or breakthroughs were, and what results you saw as a result of experiencing your own Oral Sex Challenge!

*Note: We will be screening each of the stories/comments and reserve the right to not publish some that we feel are too inappropriate or explicit in nature.

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Thank you for sharing your experience or question! We are so glad that you have decided to participate in your own Oral Sex Project. (Or as I like to call them in my new book, "Sex Lab".

We invite you to return to this site and continue to share your experience! You MAY just be the one to receive a FREE phone/Skype session with Jaiya!