Day 5 - A Tie and Tease

I like to plan things out, think about them and create a good scene for D.Love to enjoy. While he was in the bathroom, I snuck into the closet and pulled out some rope. When he came back into the bedroom he knew what he was in for!

I did a simple bind around his legs and then totally teased him. I started with touch all over, and then moved into lick and kisses. I just wanted to tease him, so this wasn't a very long session, more like a mid-afternoon quickie, maybe 5-10 minutes. I teased him a little with my mouth and him right where I wanted him...and then untied him and announced he was free to go about his day! He LOVED it!

Some guys would get all frustrated with this Tie and Tease, but for D. Love it was perfect. *Note: D.Love and I have played previously with restraint and we already have safe words and other understandings in place, so we didn't need that conversation for this instance.

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