Day 26 - The Pleasure Kept Building Until I Leapt Over Into a Big Clitoral Orgasm

D.Love was in a funny mood. He wanted to give. Our bedroom was cold, which is a big peeve of mine. I like to have a warm room to make love in. So D.Love wrapped me up in the blanket and acted like he was giving me cunnilingus, a technique that he named The Hot Dog. Then he lifted the covers and went underneath and started doing some funny motion that he called The Cleaner.

I LOVE humor in the bedroom. D.Love started with some of the cunnilingus techniques from my book, Blow Each Other Away: Loving Labia, Holding Hands, In The Groove, Stretch and Tour, Clit Rolling, Humming, and Crazy Clit. He also gave me some thigh scratching since he liked that so much from when I was giving him fellatio. I liked it too. Then he started inventing his own techniques, which I always love. I admire creativity in the bedroom too. He pushed my legs together and then started licking my clit, then humming on my clit.  Meanwhile he was giving me G-Spot and I-Spot stimulation with his hands. The pleasure kept building until I leapt over into a big clitoral orgasm.

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