Day 17 - Ahhh....Necking With Some Petting

I ended up taking a pass yesterday. Yes, I’m determined but last night I was so sick I was weeping and could barely hold my head up. Just someone talking to me seemed to hurt. But tonight, despite still feeling awful, I actually feel like making love. I feel so in love with my partner D.Love.  He’s been so great with me being sick. He’s looking super hot these days too.

At any rate, he didn’t think I was up for intercourse so instead he gave me a neck and back massage with kissing while he touched my genitals. I love having my back kissed. It makes me feel like the person I am with really loves and cares for me. I kept making requests for how I wanted my neck kissed, but D.Love wasn’t quite getting there.  It turned out he was just uncomfortable and all it took was me scooting down on the bed a little so that he had better access to my neck.

Ahhh....necking with some petting, so great even when you’re in a long term relationship.

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