Day 32 - Why Don't I Speak Up?

It’s almost midnight. D.Love suggested a quickie tonight. He’s working on his new embodied movement class and wanted to go work on it. After last night’s session I was completely open to a quickie. He was giving. His tongue felt good, but his hands were really dry and felt pokey and like his fingernails were scratchy.

I didn’t speak up. I always wonder why I do that? Why don’t I say something? It’s like I’m waiting for things to change or for him to read my mind. So I finally gave him the feedback that his fingers where pokey and dry. I needed to remind him…wet fingers on the wet parts of my vulva. And his hands have been especially dry the last few days, so some Love Butter or Coconut Oil might be nice. Or he could always use some of the Aloe Cadabra we keep by the bed.

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