Day 8 - No Ejaculation Necessary

I really do enjoy giving fellatio. I talk in the book about women having orgasms from giving. It is a super awesome turn on for me. I wanted to mix it up a little, and since I get so many sex toys to try out I thought I’d incorporate the Fun Factory Lovering 8ight. D.Love placed the ring around his penis and I began stimulating him. He got super aroused and we decided to have intercourse with the ring on because it has a special clitoris stimulator, but we forgot and used the silcone lube. Since the Lovering is a silicon toy, it is not compatible with Silicone lubricant, so we had to take it off and wipe it off before moving into intercourse.

We had a great session. Lots of pleasure and I had a fabulous orgasm. D.Love decided that he didn’t want to have an ejaculation every time we engage. So I leave the choice up to him in most instances.  This was one where he decided he didn’t want to have an ejaculation, but wanted me to have an orgasm. No arguments here!

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