Day 15 - The Flat of the Tongue Felt Better Tonight

I’m still under the weather. It’s very unlike me to get sick. I’ve got this horrid cough. Tonight D.Love gave some simple cunnilingus to me. It was hard for me to focus on pleasure as I was just trying my hardest not to cough the entire time. I discovered that if my cold is virus, it is highly unlikely he would get it from going down on me. My symptoms seem to live in my respiratory and digestive track, so kissing and anilingus are off the table until I am better.

D.Love decided not to do any penetration with his fingers. He used the tip of his tongue on my clitoris and it was too intense.  It must be that I am about to start my menstrual cycle and that is causing some extra sensitivity, as my progesterone is dropping. D.Love switched to the flat of his tongue and that felt much better. It was all an experiment as part of our 90 Days. I sure wish that this flu or cold or whatever I have would go away so that I can really have fun with this challenge.

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