Day 7 - Parenthood and the 90 Day Oral Challenge

I had made a plan earlier in the day to have a wonderful extensive oral sex and intercourse session with D.Love. See...I'm doing research for my next book on the topic of BDSM and I had spent the entire afternoon with a professional Dominatrix. I wanted to extend the session to where I went into a deep erotic trance....and I had a lot come up for me (I'll write a lot more about this in my next book).

However, our son wouldn't go to bed. He was up until almost midnight and he had a cold so he had stayed home from school and in bed most of the day. I just couldn't get him to go to sleep. So I was in a very bad mood by the time I got to bed. I just wanted time to talk, to share with D.Love my afternoon and to sup up a great session with him for that night. But it was soooo late by then and we were both terribly exhausted (D.Love frequently gets up at 4 or 5AM to start his work day and I am usually up at 6AM with our son). My bad mood was permeating the air. I love my son, but sometimes I don't like being a parent!

At any rate, I simply asked D.Love what he would like. I think he hates this question since he never answers it. He’s all wishy washy and just says, "Let’s see what unfolds". I was upset because my plan fell apart and at this point we really didn’t have time to sink into much conversation about our days.  I felt like I needed a check-in, but at the same time wanted to get on with the oral for the day so that we could go to sleep. I kept pushing D.Love to tell me what he wanted.

Finally he told me (in a rather crass way, which I liked) that he wanted me to go down on him while stimulating his anus. Then he wanted to have intercourse. Perfect! I could do that and it is one of my favorite combinations to perform. I did some Teasing the Rosebud, Pulsing the Rosebud and Spiders on him. I didn’t do a lot of sucking or engulfing just a lot of licking at his Frenulum. This was a magic combination and sent him over the edge in about 10 minutes (we never got to the intercourse).  I practiced a little White Tigress meditation during this time. Doing this changed my state completely and we both floated off to sleep feeling happy, connected and content.

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