Day 9 - Stimulating Him Through His Underwear

D.Love was feeling like he needed to escape, so I watched our son for the evening and entertained guests. He went downstairs to the bedroom to read a book. I knew he’d fall asleep in a wink (he has mild narcolepsy).

It was about 10PM when I came into the bedroom and he was crashed out with a book on his chest and all of his clothes I. I brushed my teeth and then snuck over to him on the bed. I started touching him through his clothes, undid his belt buckle and his pants and used my mouth on him through his clothing. I opened his pants and then stimulated him through is underwear.

I slowly peeled back his underwear so that just the head of his penis was sticking out. I went to town teasing and licking and sucking just the head. His shaft I stimulated through his underwear. By now he was pretty awake and fairly aroused. I smiled at him as I put his penis back in his underwear, stimulated his through then, then I slowly buttoned up his pants while using my hands and mouth, finally his belt.  I then slowly stimulated him through his pants.

I smiled at him mischievously and said that was a little tease, hope that’s okay. He said, "I love it. I love the tease".  Then he fell back asleep.

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