Day 10 - Do I Taste Like Strawberries?

I’d had a very LONG workday. It was a good day but my brain was in work mode. Being a sexologist, it makes it hard to sometimes differentiate my love life from work. I will sit in my head analyzing a technique, thinking about how I might write about my experience, or how something I am experiencing might help someone else.

This particular night I was really in this mode and mostly in my head. D.Love wanted to give me cunnilingus, so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to have him try out a product called Masque. Masque is a little flavor strip that you let dissolve on your tongue that makes you taste like fruit or chocolate when your lover goes down on you. In this instance D.Love was trying strawberry. As he was licking my clit I just kept wondering if I tasted like strawberries and how the product was working for him. I kept asking him questions instead of enjoying my experience.

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