Day 21 - It Was Very Much Like a Sex Lab

I’ve written this awesome book on Oral Sex, Blow Each Other Away. I’m so proud of this book. So today I grabbed my book and started to perform fellatio techniques on him. We did Penis Worship (pg 132) all the way to Give His Penis A Break. It was very much like a sex lab instead of just a pleasure session. I’d do a technique from the book and then ask his feedback on what would be make it better for him. Some of the techniques he liked better than others and some become better when he asked for a little variation here and there. Fun With His Frenulum and Slap-n-Slide seem to be winners, while he isn’t much into pressure on shaft like in A Taste of Shiatsu.

If you are embarking on the 90 Day Challenge with your lover, I encourage you to try the techniques from the book and ask for feedback from your partner. If they say that they don’t particularly like a technique, ask them what would make it better. I know I am a total sex geek when doing this kind of thing turns me on so much. I love learning about my lover and how to help him achieve high, high states of ecstatic pleasure.

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