How To Enroll Your Partner in The 90 Day Oral Challenge

My partner D.Love is on board for the 90 Days of Oral Challenge. YAY! Take a look at the video below to see our negotiation...and WHY I chose to do the 90 Day Oral Challenge.

We agreed to the following:
  • 90 Days of Oral Sex with 10 days free in case of sickness or scheduling issues.
  • There must be at least 5 minutes of present, focused oral play. This includes passionate kissing, body kissing, or hand and mouth combinations.
  • "Quickies" are okay and I need to remind D.Love that I am okay with them.
  • We will remember that we are winning by marking the days down on a calendar and feeling into each day that we accomplish connecting.
  • I will keep my perfectionist in check and will not focus on failure.
  • These are our guidelines for the next 90 days. I am very excited. D.Love seems excited, too. We are currently on Day 4 of the challenge and are really enjoying it. D.Love seems very proud of himself. He's been reading my book, too, which makes me smile. I walk into the bedroom and there he is flipping through the book for inspiration.

Throughout our 90 Day Challenge, I will be writing a brief synopsis of our activities for that day. I hope that these give you lots of inspiration for things that you would like to try with your lover. I admit I feel a little bit vulnerable putting it all out there for you, but I do believe in "teaching from the table", which means that I teach from my own personal embodied experiences.

My 101 Days of Pleasure Project didn't feel this vulnerable. I am witnessing the differences, in that shame about oral sex ran much deeper than my shame out solo pleasure. Ah's on...and over the next 90 days I'll be sharing it with you!

D.Love and I encourage you to share your own stories, challenges and questions. As an incentive, all those who comment on our blog posts will be entered into a drawing to win a free 2-hour Skype call with me! (Please click here to see full rules and qualifications).

We hope you will enjoy this challenge as much as we have been!

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