Day 14 - Just Enough Oral to Make Him Want More

After putting our son to bed I found D.Love snoring in bed. I’m feeling a little better so I decided it was a good night to surprise him.

I came into the bed and started kissing, licking and biting his neck.  Then I moved below. I kept all of his clothing on, but undid his belt and opened his pants, then pulled his penis out of his boxers, so he was still fully dressed.

I know that D.Love loves this. Then I practiced the some these techniques from my book: Practice Makes Perfect and Fantastic Frenulum.

I gave him just enough oral for 10 minutes to make him want more and then gently put his penis back into his boxers, zipped up his pants, put his belt back on and turned off the light. For some guys this would drive them crazy. For D.Love, he loves the tease more than anything, so he was completely happy.

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