Day 23 - Not Taking Lack of Erection or Orgasm Personally

I’ve decided that D.Love is a complicated man. I am okay with that. It’s just humorous to me that he is sexually complicated. There is a myth out there that men are easy. D.Love definitely breaks that myth.  Men are not so easy. I talk about this in the book, maybe D.Love inspired me. At any rate I gave him fellatio tonight and he was all in his head this time.

He’s been really stressed lately and I think that that was adding to his complication. I’m glad I’m not easily frustrated and that I can help him uncover pleasure and move through challenges. I also don’t things personally. Too many women see a man’s lack of erection or orgasm as a reflection on their attractiveness or desirability. I just know that sometimes sex is complicated, so lets all just relax, have fun and laugh it off.

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