Day 13 - Fun with The Sqweel and Aloe Cadabra!

Yuck! I’m officially sick. Not sure if I have the flu or some other bug. I’m really proud of D.Love and I for sticking with our commitment to make it to 90 days regardless of being sick. D.Love wasn’t feeling so great either, and the verdict is still out on whether or not he can catch a cold from going down – so we opted on using an oral sex toy called the Sqweel.  The Sqweel is like a rotating wheel with a whlole bunch of tongues on it. Just wait, this is hilarious story...

It starts with me looking for the Sqweel. It’s not in my dresser filled with sex toys that I have to review (yes, I have an entire dresser devoted to toys yet to be reviewed). It’s not in our sex den (yes, I have a den devoted to all my sex toys, furniture etc).  It’s not in my office. Yet, I am determined to find the thing.  I look again and again. 30 minutes later I find it in our sex den buried under a bunch of costume stuff from a lingerie shoot I did.

We open up the package and discover we need batteries. D.Love goes off hunting for batteries. It gets funnier. He can’t find any batteries in the size that we need. We steal some from somewhere else in the house. D.Love puts the batteries in and swears they must be worn out or that the Sqweel is broken.  “Give it to me", I say, "you are an old man who can’t see. I bet you put them in wrong!” I’m joking with him, but it turns out that he couldn’t see how to put them in right and he had it all wrong. I get the batteries in correctly and the Sqweel works just fine.

I am not giving up on this idea! We go over the directions for use. We grab some Aloe Cadabra lubricant (LOVE this stuff!) and we go for it! First I receive. D.Love uses a little too much pressure and we have to really communicate to get the right feeling. I discover that I like the forward motion better than the backwards motion...better than the back and forth. It is a strange sensation for me. The tongue wheel is going to town. It’s a bit more like a vibrator than I expected. I decide to turn the tables and give to D.Love. He actually really likes it and is having little shivers and twitches as I use it on his Frenulum and perineum. Looks likes another sex toy D.Love is going to steal away from me!

This was a fun experience and I look forward to trying the Sqweel on my own.
Lesson here: Let it be FUN! And Funny!  Sex doesn’t have to be so serious.

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