Day 20 - Master/Slave in the Shower

Took another pass last night. I was crying because I’m still so sick and I had a big work day today. D.Love stayed up all night to help me. He’s amazing. I love him. I need to do something really special for him when I am better. After my long work day today our son was still out of the house so I grabbed D.Love and we jumped into the shower together.

My energy was the best it had been in a week so we played a little game I call Master/Slave. First I was the master and he was going down on me as I stood over him instructing him on what I wanted. Then we switched roles and I was his love slave, kneeling in the tub as the water beat down on us. He was really, really into this! Then we hopped out of the shower and had intercourse for the first time in weeks. Oh, it was so marvelous to connect like this. Of course afterwards I was spent and grateful that D.Love took our son for the night so that I could rest.

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