Day 30 - Feeling Yummy to Just Let My Body Melt Into His

Super sleepy and relaxed tonight. Different from exhaustion, just very relaxed. This time I fell asleep as D.Love was reading stories to our son. I woke up and then woke up D.Love so that we could head to our bedroom. 

I wanted to give tonight, so I checked in with D.Love. He said he just wanted some love, some nurturing and that he didn’t want to ejaculate. Sounded good to me. So I wrapped my body around him with my legs wrapped around his, and my head on his belly. It felt yummy to just let my body melt into his. I did a lot of massage on his inner thighs, his belly and his low back. I did Fun With His Frenulum alternated with simply sucks to the head of his penis. 

We were both so, so relaxed.  I thought for sure that I would just drift off to sleep, but this weird monkey mind started going crazy worrying about everything. I ended up staying awake until 4AM working. Sometimes my be inspirations come in the middle of the night so I just went with it.

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