Day 47 - Warming Up With Some Nipple Sucking and Cunnilingus

Tonight I really wanted more than just oral sex so we planned on getting to some intercourse, but took our time getting there. First we started with Nipple Play. Since breastfeeding, I have not been a fan of the way D.Love stimulates my nipples. I had the mental thought that we should do a Nipple Play lab, not right at that moment, but perhaps on Day 48.

After some nipple sucking, he took his tongue down below and warmed me up with some cunnilingus.  After some great hand and mouth combos from my book, I was more than ready for full out intercourse. D.Love didn’t want to ejaculate two nights in a row, so he opted for me to have an orgasm, but for himself he decided he would withhold. I love how much control he has! It’s great for me.

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