Day 54 - Attempting to Have "The Worst Oral Sex"

Today’s events were hilarious. When I came into the room D. Love was asleep, of course. He’s been having these pains in his ribs and what looked like fang bites. So he went to the doctor. The doctor informed him that he has Shingles, which are not contagious, but are some kind of Pox virus...which in some ways are good since he has never had the Chicken Pox.

So when I came in joking that he was one big virus, he was half asleep. I asked him what he would like to do and he told me that he would prefer I go down on him, but that he might not be so fresh. He just pulls down his pants, then he gets out his iPhone and points the camera towards me like he is taking pictures. Then I start laughing. How can he just do everything wrong? So I tell him that we should actually just try to have the worst oral sex ever and do everything that we shouldn’t.

So I look at him with Zombie eyes as I start to do a technique from my book. I tell him that this technique is now going to be called The Zombie. We laugh. It turns out hilarious. Then as I am doing another technique, he yawns and takes a drink of water. I joke with him – "Oh, you should just eat a meal while you are at it!"

What is surprising is that even though we were razzing each other and joking and laughing a bunch, he still got completely aroused. That was surprising to me. Especially since we were trying to have the worst oral sex. Instead, we laughed a lot, had a lot of fun, and ended up having some pretty good oral sex. That was great!

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