Day 35 - Certain Times of Month I Crave Penetration Over Clitoral Stimulation

D.Love dances on Tuesday nights. He get’s all sexy at dance and I LOVE it when he brings this sexy home to me. Sometimes being apart is the best aphrodisiac. While he was away at dance I got our son to go to sleep early, so I worked on building him a website for his dance classes that he is starting to teach! I am so proud of him, another thing to boost libido.

See, he’s been talking about doing these dance classes since I met him. And well, I was getting frustrated hearing about how much he wanted to do this, but then complaining that he didn’t have the time to make it happen. I’m the kind of person who has a dream, and well, I just go for it, regardless of what I may perceive are my limitations.  D.Love finally is doing it! And that is attractive.

When he came home from dance I showed him the site and he loved it! So much he wanted to give me an awesome orgasm. I was really, really in the mood for penetration.  I notice that during certain times of the month I crave penetration over clitoral stimulation. The sensations built and built until I had this awesome combined Clitoral and G-Spot orgasm!  YUM!  I think the emotional connection and libido boost really helped make tonight great!

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