Day 40 - I Started With a Hot Breath Over His Underwear

D.Love is on no sleep for the past 4 days. He’s so exhausted. I decided to give again. I started just by kissing his belly and inner thighs. I do love this man. I don’t talk much about love in this blog because I want to give you all an idea of oral lovemaking techniques. However, D.Love and I do deeply love each other, just wanted to let you know.

Back to oral…I started with a hot breath over his underwear. D.Love really liked that. Eventually I took just the tip of his penis out of his underwear and worked down to his F-spot (Frenulum). Then the whole head of his penis. This was all light with licking and massage of his thighs. After awhile, I went in reverse until I was just blowing hot air on his underwear, kissing his thighs, and kissing his stomach.

Ended with our first kiss in over one month (due to me having the flu).  It was so sweet and simple.

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