Day 51 - Be Willing to Mess Up in Order to Discover Something That Really Works

D.Love and I decided to do a long cunnilingus session tonight. I didn’t really want to go into orgasm, but I did want to explore new techniques. D.Love decided to try lying on his side with me lying on my side too. That didn’t work so well. Our bodies just didn’t come together right and it was hard to find a place for his head. Then he came up with this great technique. It’s not the right name, but let’s call it the Split Claw. He put one thumb inside my vagina, with his fingers on my mons – split into a V so that he had access to my clitoris. Then he went down.

I have to commend D.Love on his creativity! It’s so great that he is willing to try new things with me and to be willing to mess up in order to discover something that really works. So I guess in essence there really are no mess-ups!

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