Day 38 - His Mind Needed to Let Go and Express, and Then he was Able to Move Into Pleasure

D.Love was super distracted tonight. His big dance class is coming up, but he went ahead and took some time out to receive oral from me. I thought that instead of fighting his distraction I’d lean into it and go with it. So as I was giving to him I started to ask him questions about his play lists, his fears etc.

I was touching him lightly as we talked, prepping him for a little oral love. He asked what it was like to give him fellatio? It was actually hard for me to describe the sensations. I like it a lot, but it was hard to describe what it feels like. He said it might be like giving Cunnilingus. I told him I didn’t think so. It’s totally different to me. With a penis you are penetrating your mouth, and potentially very deeply. I started to stimulate the roof of my mouth with the head of his penis. I have a deformed hard palate which can sometimes make this feel weird, but he got super turned on and asked me for more.

He got into a fantasy, which I have to leave as a mystery as he has asked me not to share it. The fantasy took his mind completely off of his class. At any rate, it turned into a really great session, even if we talked a lot during it. His mind needed to let go and express and then he was able to move into pleasure.

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