Day 56 - The White Tigress Technique

D.Love and I tried the White Tigress Technique that Amara Charles and Shayna taught us. I simply held his penis in my mouth. Totally soft. Then we breathed together. Just taking deep breaths...deep, deep breaths.

D. Love was so tired. I thought for sure that he would just fall asleep since the technique was so relaxing. Really relaxing. I just lay next to him on my side with my head on his stomach, and then rested with his penis in my mouth. Eventually he started to get more and more aroused. I think that if we weren’t both so crazy tired from a very, very long day we would have really enjoyed this technique.  It was such a nice change of pace...just being, not doing anything except for breathing and feeling the sensation of him inside my mouth. That was great.

It was also awesome to learn a new White Tigress Technique.  A big thank you to my assistant Michele for having them come teach us for my Birthday!

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