Day 42 - I Had About 10 Orgasms Solo-Pleasuring

We couldn’t decide who was going to give and who was going to receive tonight. We were both feeling in need some freshening up, so I hoped in the shower. When I came into the bedroom, D.Love was snoring away. He’d fallen asleep.

I had taken ton’s of aphrodisiacs earlier in the day and I wasn’t about to let D.Love sleep through this sensitive high I was on. I woke him gently. He started to go down on me and it felt really, really good. I was super sensitive – in a good way. He came up with this new technique where he was pulling up on my mons, flicking his tongue on my clit, and then using hot breath on me. This went on for a while, and then we decided to end the session so that he could get some rest.

I thought for sure I’d drift right off to sleep, but I got all energized and stayed up until 5 AM.  I had about 10 orgasms solo-pleasuring and I didn’t feel tired at all the next day.

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