Day 88 - I Rewarded Him With Some Great Fellatio

I’m exhausted after last night. Emotionally I feel great and D.Love is simply glowing! However, it is a lot of energy coming up with these scenes every single night. While I would recommend that couples do 90 Days of Oral Sex...I don’t recommend 40 Days of Domination all in a row! It’s was too much...and if I wasn’t writing a new book on the topic, I would more than likely change the rules to something a little less energy consuming!

D.Love was to go to the hardware store and pick up some 3ft pieces of bamboo in varying thicknesses.  He did his task well. I played with them a little bit on his butt. I was gentle since we are just starting out and Caning is a "yellow" for me (meaning I don’t know if I am all that into it, especially on the receiving end).

He did well, so I rewarded him with some great fellatio. More than anything I am having so much fun! Although I am exhausted, I get super charged once we start the session/scene, and time disappears. After the scene, we crawl into bed and D.Love gives me feedback. He said I could go so much further with the canes. I was surprised since he had told me he wasn’t really into pain, and most of the pain stuff he had marked as a "yellow" as well.  Surprise, surprise!

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