Day 72 - Tonight We Did a Sex Lab on My Clitoris

I love sex labs. Not only do they help us learn more about each other, they are very pleasurable for me.  Perhaps it’s the sex geek in me!

I wanted to do some Tantric Breathing while he went down on me. He did some really specific clitoral techniques while I did Moola Bandha and transmuted the sexual energy throughout my entire body. If you aren’t familiar with Moola Bandha, it is a yogic practice where you focus high in your vagina near your cervix and then try to contract those specific muscles. You can inhale as you contract and then exhale and relax your muscles.

There are many benefits to Moola Bandha which, I speak about in my new DVD series on Yoga For Sexual Health and Vitality. I am in love with this practice as it heightens my pleasure and D.Loves pleasure as I squeeze around him!

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