Day 66 - They Don't Call Me a Sex Expert For Nothing!

Tonight I returned the favor from last night. D.Love was being funny and requested “head nookie". I love a sense of humor in the bedroom! I gave him a little massage warm-up to help him relax from a long stressful day. Then I moved into licking and sucking. D.Love requested a few options (I love that he is starting to request things that he wants): trying bondage or combining fellatio with anal stimulation.

I made the choice of doing the anal stimulation since bondage usually involves cuffs or rope and that seemed a bit complicated for our late-night romp. I gave him some anal massage combined with fellatio and he LOVED it!

I love that I am with such and open partner. After his orgasmic experience, I was wanting a little feedback he exclaimed “They don’t call you a Sex Expert for nothing!”

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