Day 85 - A Condom, A Vibrating Prostate Massager, and Domination

I wanted to try something new, which was to give D.Love fellatio with a condom on. We don’t use protection with each other since we have been together for over 6 years now and we know each other’s statuses intimately. However, it never hurts to try these things.

For some reason for me, condoms are a turn on because I don’t use them with him, so it plays into a fantasy element that he could be another man. Since we are starting our 40 Days Project, I did a little light bondage on him, practicing the hog tie I had learned from Mistress Ivy Young. I went down on him while giving him an anal massage and playing with a new toy by Jopen called The Ego. It’s a prostate massager that vibrates!

We did some fantasy role-play and erotic talk combined with sensory play. I undid his ties because I wanted to have intercourse so we moved into this while The Ego was still inside him. This was awesome because it felt like his whole penis was vibrating!

Since I was dominating him I decided to play with controlling his orgasm. Not allowing it and then counting down, and if he didn’t ejaculate within that time frame he wasn’t allowed to ejaculate at all!

Success! He was able to orgasm and ejaculate on demand!

WOW! I think that this was one of the hottest days we’ve done!

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