Day 70 - Fun With The Accommodator!

WOW! Today was Day 70 of my Oral Sex Challenge and my goodness,was it an awesome experience!  What made Day 70 so great? THE ACCOMMODATOR!

I was super excited to try out The Accommodator.  I know it sounds a little intimidating, but let me reassure you that this natural latex rubber sexual enhancement product is a friend! I took The Accommodator out of the box, picked out one of my favorite water-based lubricants called Hydra by Intimate Organics, and set everything up before D.Love even came down to the bedroom. When he saw The Accommodator he started laughing. He said he was going to feel silly wearing it.

See, The Accommodator has straps (one that goes around your neck and one that goes around your head) that affix a phallic shape to your chin. While you are going down you can also be penetrating your partner. I loved the idea. D.Love was a little hesitant, but willing to dive in.

“Let me warm you up first,” he said. He kissed me. He kissed my nipples. He played with his mouth and tongue on my body, teasing me. The anticipation was so wonderful and it really turned me on. I'd been waiting weeks to try this. I especially loved having my legs closed together as he licked. He did a number of hand and mouth techniques from my book, but lingered on my favorite, called D.Love’s Delight.

Then we lubed up The Accommodator and he strapped it on. He laughed a bit, but went for it because he loves me. He used a very, very slow insertion technique, teasing m a bunch. He did teasing licks as he got closer, but then pulled out a little to make me squirm. When he got full penetration he licked rapidly, with his tongue placed on his bottom lip while moving his jaw up and down. That felt awesome.

He alternated between in and out with licks and up and down with flicks. After a few vaginal O's, which I don’t think I’ve ever had during oral sex, there was a long slow build to a powerful clitoral orgasm that lasted a long time and moved throughout my whole body. Okay, I’m in love with The Accommodator. D.Love still felt a little silly. However, he said that it was totally worth it since my pleasure was so great!


•  Women who love the feeling of being full
•  Women who have fantasized about received both intercourse and oral at the same time
•  When your lover has ED, or another reason why he may not be able to have intercourse
•  When your lover can't use their hands (or their fingers get stiff or tired) but you love hand and mouth combinations
•  Women Who Love Women
•  Fantasy Role Play - Threesomes, etc.


•  The Accommodator can bend a little causing the user to hyper-extend their neck. So I recommend, for comfort of the giver, that you use a position where the receiver is lying at the edge of the bed with the giver kneeling on a pillow on the floor. Essentially, you want the receiver placed up a little bit higher and not FLAT on the bed.
•  Don't be afraid to readjust if you need to in order to get the positioning of The Accommodator to be just right for your bodies and how they come together.
•  If you have a latex allergy, use a lambskin or vinyl condom over the product
•  Make sure that you do plenty of warming up before doing any penetration. Believe me, it will feel so much better with lots of warm-up.

I invite you to join me with a Sex Challenge!
It could be a week straight of oral sex.
Or what about trying 10 days of play with different sex toys?

What do you think?
Is The Accommodator something you and your partner would be willing to try?
Have you tied it already?
If so, let me know what you experienced!

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