Day 69 - Honoring Women With PGAD

In honor of day 69 I thought we could do a little 69, but D.Love wanted to give to me. Physically his giving felt awesome, but I’ve been extra stressed lately thinking about my clients and letters from people who really need help. I couldn’t get out of my head thinking specifically about a women suffering from Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, who was angry at me in regards to my appearance on the Joy Behar Show.

PGAD is a very serious disorder for which women have even committed suicide because of the negative side effects that they experience. I never meant to make light of it on TV. Because I am more frequently helping women to have orgasm, I chose to simply change the subject. I can see how it might have come off in a negative light. I kept thinking about what it must be like to have PGAD and how oral sex might be completely off the table due to overstimulation.

It took me a while, but I finally got out of my head enough to feel what was happening in my body. I started crying after the session, as D.Love placed his hand on my heart and said “You are a loving, caring person...concerned about other people and diversity, and deeply committed to helping people overcome sexual shame. It’s admirable. I know it is not your intention to hurt anyone. You’ve just been misunderstood and misinterpreted.” Sex combined with loving words from D.Love – the perfect remedy for feeling better.

Note:  Everything is Kosher with the women who was angry. She now understands I meant no harm and am an ally to anyone with PGAD.

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