Day 83 - A Warmth Spread All Throughout My Nether Regions

D.Love was asleep when I came in tonight. He’d been away on a camping trip for the weekend with our son, so I was anxious to connect with him. I also had been working all weekend on my new book, which meant that I had been uncovering more fully my own Erotically Empowered Self. She was ready to play. I woke him up gently.

I was given this new oil by the owner of Jaya Wellness which he calls Yoni Oil. The oil is an Ayurvedic blend that has arousal boosting herbs infused into it. I have been very excited to try it out, so tonight I slathered some on before D.Love went down on me. D.Love said it tasted really great.

I felt a warmth spread all throughout my nether regions, and lubricated very, very well. D.Love did flicks to my clit and gave me a Clit Quickie! Then we cuddled and drifted off to sleep together.

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