Day 87 - Fun With the Orgasm on Demand Game!

We are now on day four of our 40 Days of Domination project and it is definitely taking our love life to a completely new level! I am watching D.Love blossom. He is having all kinds of psychological insights.

Tonight we had a public outing. As a reward for good service to me, I took D.Love out to properly attire him. When in public with me, he is to wear what I would like him to wear. So I took him to one of our favorite clothing stores. I called the store early to let them know I was coming and to make sure that the main designer would be there. I let him in on the game we were playing and he was thrilled to play along. It was so much FUN!

After he was properly attired, we went to eat at a restaurant, which was where we went on one of our first dates. However, I had placed a remote control vibrator in his pants. All through dinner I played with him. I was giddy. We both felt like we were on top of the world!

I have rented a little office near the beach for us to play at and for book writing. We walked from the restaurant to my office and then the fun really began. I knew that we still had to get our oral challenge in, which seems easy now compared to setting up these elaborate domination scenes with D.Love. I went down on him and later had him go down on me, but it felt so much less dominant in this moment, so I went back to going down on him. We played for a while in this energy before I finally counted down to his orgasm. I’m having lots of fun with the orgasm on demand game!

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